Take a peek at our itinerary for the weekend below. Some of these activities and times may change as we approach the weekend - the anchor points are the Ceremony on Thursday evening and the Reception on Saturday night.

We hope to see you for as much of the weekend as you are able to make, but do not feel as though you must attend the Ceremony to enjoy the rest of the weekend with us!
A note about kids - To allow all wedding guests, including parents, a weekend of relaxation and uninhibited revelry, we respectfully ask that no children attend.
Thursday, August 18
12:00pm Check-In Begins

You are welcome arrive any time after Thursday morning to check-in.

5:00pm Ceremony

If you would like to join us for the Ceremony, please make sure you are onsite and ready by 4:30pm.

6:00pm Dinner

After the ceremony, we will have an informal dinner with drinks to celebrate!

7:00pm Bonfire

A celebration at camp would not be complete without a bonfire - join us for a relaxed evening around the fire.

Friday, August 19
9:00am Breakfast

Join us in the Dining Hall for breakfast to start your day off right!

11:00am Archery Tag

It's like dodgeball, but with arrows.

1:00pm Lunch

Lunch will be served in the Dining Hall. Refuel for the afternoon, or if you slept in, enjoy your first meal!

2:00pm Field Day

After lunch, make your way to the lawn to participate in some classic field day games. For those arriving on Friday, feel free to join in as you arrive!

5:00pm Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Break the ice by playing Rock Paper Scissors with friends and strangers - the catch is, you have to root for whoever beats you (and whoever beats them, in turn).

6:00pm Welcome Barbecue

As a welcome to those arriving on Friday afternoon, we will hold a big barbecue-style dinner!

7:00pm Bonfire, Round 2!

There's no such thing as too many bonfires at camp. Join us for another bonfire, enjoy the wood-fired hot tub by the waterfall, and catch up with friends, old and new.

10:00pm Listening Party: Hybrid Theory

Hang out and listen to Hybrid Theory in its entirety.

Saturday, August 20
7:00am Early Risers' Breakfast

For those that wake up early, visit the Dining Hall for some light morning food.

9:00am Guided Meditation

Start your Saturday with a guided meditation in the woods.

11:00am Brunch

Brunch will be served in the Dining Hall as we kick off our action-packed Saturday. Join us for delicious brunch tacos - a favorite of ours.

12:00pm Come Sail Away

Grab a boat or floatation device of your choice and take to the high seas (lake) with us!

3:00pm Return to Land

As we return to the mainland, take this opportunity to get gussied up or nap (or both) to prepare for a night of woodland revelry.

5:00pm Cornhole Tournament & Beer Garden

Part cocktail hour, part tournament, meet on the lawn, find a partner, and dominate the bracket in our Cornhole Tournament. Between matches, enjoy delicious beers and other lawn games.

7:00pm Dinner & Reception

Join us in the Reception Hall for dinner and speeches, followed by a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

11:00pm Movie Screening: Hot Rod

Quoting the entire movie is not optional.

Sunday, August 21
10:00am Farewell Brunch

Join us for our last meal together - which wouldn't be complete without some mimosas! 

11:00am Hiking & Exploration

Hang out as long as you'd like! So long as you have checked out of your cabin, all of the grounds are yours to explore.

1:00pm Swimming

Take a swim at the waterfall to cool off from the midday sun!

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